Located on Federal land (Bureau of Land Management), the project area is uninhabited arid desert at an altitude of approximately 1,800m.

Two campaigns of modern lithium-boron exploration are known to have been undertaken within the project area. 

In the 1980's US Borax (subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group) surface sampled and drilled a basin of lithium and boron-rich sediments over a 6km by 4km area. The area was known as the North Borate Hill project and US Borax completed 46 drill holes totalling about 17,000m. The work focussed on exploring for boron and the lithium mineralisation was largely ignored.

In addition to the exploration completed at North Borate Hill, US Borax also drilled 12 holes at South Borate Hill where higher lithium values were noted.

In 2010 to 2011 American Lithium Minerals Inc and Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (“JOGMEC”) conducted exploration for lithium in the South Basin area. The exploration included surface samples and 36 drill holes. 

Global Geoscience announced the acquisition of an option over Rhyolite Ridge in June 2016 and completed the purchase of a 100% interest in the project in July 2017. 

Global now owns 100% interest in 359 unpatented mining claims covering an area of 29.5 km2. Global also has an option over unpatented mining claims covering a further 7 km2 in the North Basin area.

Rhyolite Ridge

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