Rhyolite Ridge is one of the largest lithium and boron deposits in the world and has the potential to become a strategic, long-life and low-cost source of both lithium and boron.

In addition to producing technical or battery-grade lithium carbonate at the mine site, the Rhyolite Ridge PFS is also evaluating the economics of producing alternative lithium products such as lithium sulphate or lithium hydroxide at the mine site.

Boric acid is also planned be produced at the mine site.

Rhyolite Ridge also has the potential to produce marketable quantities of potassium sulphate (sulphate of potash) and sodium sulphate at the mine site.

Demand for lithium carbonate is forecast to double over the coming five years as the demand for lithium-ion batteries rapidly increases as electric vehicles replace hydrocarbon vehicles. 

Boric acid demand is forecast to steadily increase due to its many uses being integral to various aspects of modern life.

Rhyolite Ridge is uniquely placed to competitively produce these two co-products at the mine site which are both a growing part of a more energy-efficient future - lithium carbonate and boric acid.



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