Nevada’s reputation as a Tier 1 mining jurisdiction is partially due to its pro-active mining development policies and support for the mining industry.

With a long mining history and large modern mining sector, permitting new mines in Nevada is much more straight-forward and streamlined than most other jurisdictions.

The permitting of Rhyolite Ridge is simplified by the area having no competing land uses or nearby residents.

Rhyolite Ridge is located on Federal Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) land. Nevada leads the nation with the largest mining program in the BLM, with more than 180,000 active mining claims (49% of the BLM total), 198 authorised mining plans of operations, and 282 active exploration notices.

Global Geoscience has formally commenced the permitting process with the BLM. The Rhyolite Ridge site layout has been designed with the total surface disturbance footprint of the mine and related facilities being less than one square mile (640 acres), allowing the BLM to consider the project for the Environmental Assessment (“EA”) process. The EA process is less time consuming than the Environmental Impact Statement (“EIS”) process.  The site layout includes the open pit, process plant, haul roads, overburden storage, leach residue storage and salt storage.  No evaporation ponds or tailings dams are required. 

Rhyolite Ridge may benefit from the US Government’s renewed emphasis on domestic supplies of critical minerals such as lithium. This project’s strategic location was reinforced on 20 December 2017 when President Trump signed an Executive Order titled a “Federal Strategy to Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals”.

Rhyolite Ridge is very well positioned to become and major US domestic producer capable of supplying a significant portion of future American demand for lithium and boron.

Nevada, USA

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